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Welcome to PantryDoors.net, your information source for pantry doors on the internet.

At Hartford Building Products, LLC we manufacture frosted glass doors designed specifically for your pantry or laundry room needs. We use an exclusive glass design made for our company that allows light into the room, yet keeps visibility to a minimum. The unique design incorporates the written word ” Pantry ” or ” Laundry ” and the doors are available in both 6/8 (80″) high and 8/0 (96″) doors and are available in poplar , red oak , white oak , cherry , walnut , hickory , ash and mahogany, in 24″ , 30″ , and 36″ widths. These distinctive glass doors will highlight the entrance to any pantry or laundry area. All glass is 1/4″ thick tempered glass, instead of more standard 1/8″ glass to give you a more impact resistant glass. This glass is purchased in quantity and stocked at our plant, then added to our made to order hand crafted doors to give our customer a superior product.

Our Solid Wood Pantry Doors

A pantry is a closet or small room, usually located off a kitchen area, used for storing food and other household items.

Doors for a pantry are usually, but not always, full length glass in a wooden door frame. Decorative obscure glass is most commonly used in pantry doors. The glass is normally obscure because home owners want the door noticed, yet keeping the view into the pantry hidden.

Considering the larger sizes of todays kitchens, and the increased emphasis on kitchen design in custom homes, the use of walk in pantries with these type pantry doors has increased dramatically. Most of the high end pantry doors will have the same type of wood as the cabinets in the kitchen, so that the total effect is complimentary.

Being the function of the pantry is for storage, consider what you will be handling as you enter and exit. You will not want the opening and closing of the pantry door to become an issue. A lever instead of a knob may be used, enabling a bump with the elbow or knee to open or close the pantry door. Another method is to use spring hinges with attached push and pull plates allowing the door to close behind you.

Imagine having food on hand in case of an emergency, stock up on that great deal at the super market, or be ready whenever you need to prepare that last minute meal. Regardless of style or size, a pantry is a luxury to be enjoyed.

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